Disertantes – Biodata


Richard Pinner

Richard Pinner has been a language teacher since 2004. He is interested in authenticity, motivation and practitioner research. His articles have appeared in Language Teaching Research, English Today and Applied Linguistics Review and he has a monograph entitled Reconceptualising Authenticity for English as a Global Language. He blogs at uniliterate.com.

Gabriel Díaz Maggioli

Gabriel Díaz Maggioli is a teacher who applies the lessons learned in the classroom to his roles as educational consultant, teacher educator, researcher and writer. Gabriel has shared his theories-in-practice with colleagues in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and East Asia.

Graham Hall

Graham Hall is Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics/TESOL at Northumbria University, UK. He is editor of ELT Journal, and also edited The Routledge Handbook of English Language Teaching. He is the author of Exploring English Language Teaching: language in action, wich was the winner of the 2012 British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL) book prize.

Claudia Mónica Ferradas

MA in Education and Professional Development (University of East Anglia) and PhD in English Studies (University of Nottingham). Lecturer on the MA programme in Literatures in English at the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. Trainer and consultant for Trinity College London, NILE, Oxford University Press and the British Council.

Leonor Corradi

Teacher of English, MSc in Education and Teacher Training (Surrey University, UK), and Education and ICT Specialist; former member of the Foreign Languages Committee, National Ministry of Education, specialist in Didactics, evaluator of research projects in Argentina, academic consultant.

Jimena Lizalde

Jimena Lizalde is a graduate Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from Arizona State University, where she specialized in Communicative Language Teaching. She holds diplomas on both Pedagogical Processes and Evaluation Tools from the Colombian National Learning Service – SENA. She was awarded the British Council – Hornby Trust Scholarship, having specialized in ELT Management. She has extensive experience in ELT as teacher of Young Adults, teacher trainer, international consultant, and ELT author of Teacher’s Guides for primary and secondary.

Alastair Grant

Alastair Grant is a teacher trainer and coursebook materials writer. He is Academic Director at the International Language Training Centre in Buenos Aires, teacher trainer for International House Montevideo and has lectured in Methodology at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional.
Alastair holds a Degree in Literature and Philosophy from the University of Warwick and the Cambridge Delta.

Luciana Fernández

Luciana Fernández has specialized in Methodology and Teaching Practice and she holds a Diploma in Educational Research from the University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education.
She is teacher educator and has designed several presentations and courses for professional development both in Argentina and abroad. She is a Learning Consultant for National Geographic Learning and a facilitator at ESSARP.

Marcela Burgos Pawlak

EFL teacher from Jujuy. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma (East Anglia University) and a MA in Professional Development for Language Education (Leeds Metropolitan University. – UK). Fullbright and British Council Scholar, she works at secondary and tertiary level institutions in Jujuy. Former President of AJPI and member of FAAPI Executive Committee. Academic Director at her language school: IELI. She has presented at national and international conferences on the importance of incorporating elements of culture in the EFL class.

Graeme Harrison

Graeme Harrison worked in English language teaching and management before becoming involved in assessment at Cambridge English. In his position as Head of Assessment for the Southern Cone and Andes, he is in charge of providing appropriate and innovative assessment solutions for stakeholders in the region, including universities and governments.

Jennifer Verschoor

Jennifer Verschoor is an EFL teacher, technology consultant and teacher trainer. She has given numerous workshops in Argentina and abroad. She specialises in online teaching, mobile learning and training via virtual learning environments. She is a Microsoft Innovative Educator. She is an Apple Teacher 2017.

Katherine Bilsborough

Katherine has been creating ELT materials for 30 years, for her own students and for some of the top ELT Publishers. She has written more than 30 coursebooks and many online courses. She writes monthly lesson plans for the British Council/BBC website https://www.teachingenglish.org.uk and is the author of ‘How to write Primary materials’, a training course for ELT writers.

Gustavo González

Teacher of English, international trainer and presenter, holds a diploma on Education and New Technologies. Has been delivering workshops in Argentina, South, Central and North America and South East Asia. Teacher educator for the Oxford Teachers’ Academy and Trinity College London. Former vice president of APIBA and FAAPI.

Steve Taylore-Knowles

Steve has spent nearly twenty-five years in ELT as a writer, a teacher trainer, an examiner and a teacher. He has created a number of best-selling courses, including Open Mind and Laser (both Macmillan Education). His latest course is Optimise (Macmillan Education, 2017), an exam preparation series for teenagers.

Jair Félix

Jair Félix, National Geographic Learning Senior ELT Academic Consultant for Latin America, has a BA in TEFL from UAS and a Teacher Development Certificate from MARJON, UK. Jair has been working in the ELT field for over 23 years, and is a frequent presenter at ELT conferences throughout Latin America.

Silvia Andrea Breiburd

Silvia Breiburd is a teacher of English (CON.SU.DEC), and a lawyer (U.B.A). She also holds a Licentiate Degree in Education (U.V.Q) and a Diploma in Applied Educational Leadership and Management (University of London). An author of numerous articles and international presenter, Silvia specializes in leadership 3.0 and generational theory.

Analía Duarte

MA in ELT and Applied Linguistics, MA in Organizational Psychology, Licenciada in English, English Teacher, Scientific-Literaty Translator. Currently certifying in coaching. Specialized in linguistic autonomy, corporate programs, and soft skills in English. Managing Director at LEAPS. Coordinator of APIBA BESIG. Teacher trainer, lecturer, speaker in conferences. Author of «Process Listening. Listening for comprehension.»

Paula Rebolledo

Paula Rebolledo is an EFL teacher, teacher educator and researcher. She has worked at school and university level and has run workshops and plenary talks in Latin America and Europe where she has also been involved in teacher-research initiatives. Her research interests include teacher education and development and teacher-research.

Fabiana Parano

Fabiana Parano is an English teacher, a storyteller, a specialist in Playing in Educational Contexts and an actress.
She teaches Storytelling in the Classroom at Instituto de Enseñanza Superior en Lenguas Vivas «Dr. Juan Ramón Fernández» and at Escuela de Maestros (ex CePA), Ministerio de Eduación, Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

Luiz Otávio Barros

Luiz Otávio Barros (MA Hons in Applied Linguistics, Lancaster University) has been teaching, training teachers, designing language courses and writing ELT materials since 1992. Formerly head of training, research and development at some of Brazil’s largest binational centers, Luiz is a CELTA tutor and co-author of Richmond’s English ID/Identities.

Darío Luis Banegas

Darío Luis Banegas (PhD) is a teacher educator and curriculum developer with the Ministerio de Educación del Chubut and an associate fellow with the University of Warwick. He is the editor of the Argentinian Journal of Applied Linguistics. His main interests are: CLIL, action research, and pre-service teacher education.

Laura Renart

Laura holds a MA in Education from the University of East Anglia, UK. She is Principal at Colegio San Miguel, a tutor at Universidad Nacional de Quilmes and Universidad Nacional del Litoral and a teacher trainer. She is also part of the teaching team at NILE, UK and has recently been appointed as tutor in the MAPDLE (MA in Professional Development for Language Education NILE-Chichester University, UK). Her main interests have to do with bilingual and multilingual education in the local context.

Susan Hillyard

Susan has a B.Ed. (Hons.) degree from Warwick University, UK. Her long career: Teacher, Head of Dept, Teacher Trainer, Conference/Webinar Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Author, Materials Writer, Researcher, On-line tutor and Coach and Consultant for The Performers. Presently she is Director of SHELTA, Susan Hillyard’s English Language Teachers’ Academy. Her interests lie in Inclusion, Drama for ELT, Spoken English, Global Issues, World Englishes, Teacher Development and Trainer Training.

Mercedes Pérez Berbain

Mercedes Pérez Berbain is a graduate of Joaquín V. González College of Education, where she majored in Methodology. She is a lecturer of Didactics and Teaching Practice for the Primary School at ISP J.V.González and at IES en Lenguas Vivas J.R.Fernández. She holds an MA with Distinction in Education from Oxford Brookes University (UK). Sh is currently doing some research looking into children’s learning process when learning English as a foreign language.

Mónica Rodriguez Salvo

Mónica is a Profesora Nacional de Inglés from IES «Victoria Ocampo». She is Traductora Pública Nacional and «Licenciada en Dirección de Recursos Humanos», UBELGRANO. She delivers training courses and specialises in SEL and Mindfulness for Education in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Germany. She runs her own Educational Institution and works as a freelance Speaker, Academic Consultant and Teacher Trainer.

María Alicia Maldonado

Teacher of English. Licenciada en Inglés (UNL). Holds a Certificate in the Proficiency of English Pronunciation (UCL-IPA). Member of the Institute of Studies on Academic Discourse in Economic Science (UNL). Teacher trainer at ISP N° 8 and UNL. Material developer for Pearson Education (What’s Up?). Published research articles in specialized journals.

Griselda Beacon

Griselda Beacon holds an MA in Literature and FLT from Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany. A graduate ELT teacher, she delivers conferences and workshops in Argentina and abroad. A teacher trainer for Oxford University Press in Argentina and NILE (Norwich Institute for Language Education) in the UK, she lectures in American Literature at UBA, teaches Children and Adolescents’ Literature at IESLV «Juan Ramón Fernández» and «Aesthetic Discourses» with emphasis on Drama techniques in secondary school. Since 2006 she works for the Ministry of Education in of Buenos Aires.

Philip Warwick

Philip Warwick has been involved in ELT since 1988. During this time he has worked in many different roles and countries, mainly in a teacher training or academic management position. For the last ten years he has worked as a freelance teacher trainer for Pearson and as academic coordinator for Embassy summer in the UK.

Mark Lloyd

Mark Lloyd is a language school principal and materials writer with nearly 25 years’ experience in the ELT industry. He is currently the principal of Kaplan’s schools in Bath and Salisbury in the UK, having previously worked as a teacher, teacher trainer and Director of Studies in Spain, Portugal and the UK. He has written and contributed to course books, teachers’ books and supplementary materials with many publishers including Richmond ELT, Cambridge University Press and Macmillan, and is a regular speaker at international ELT conferences and events.

Martin Federico Villarreal

Teacher of English (UTN). Licenciado in Lengua Inglesa (UTN). Master in Strategic Marketing ABD (UCES). University lecturer and tertiary education teacher at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Universidad Nacional de Lanús, INSPT and Lenguas Vivas SBS. Executive President of SHARE Education. Event organizer. Presenter in Argentina and abroad.

Geoff Lindsey

Dr. Geoff Lindsey is Honorary Lecturer in Linguistics at University College London and Director of UCL’s annual Summer Course in English Phonetics. Holds a B.A. from UCL and an M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles. Contributed to the revision of the IPA, co-edits the online pronunciation dictionary CUBE, and has also had a successful career as a television writer.

Cecilia Paula Sassone

Cecilia Sassone is a graduate teacher of English (IESLV «JRF»), holds a BA in English (UB) and three diplomas in e-learning/ICT (UTN/Net-Learning). She has worked at all levels of education, lectured at national congresses and taught adults extensively. She is Director at the IES en Lenguas Vivas «JRF» Teacher Training College. Her 22-year-research has rendered the Spiderweb Method® for adult language learning.