APIM in action throughout 2015

Academic Events

Motivation and the teenage brain – Face to face session with Jeremy Harmer

On July 13th, the seminar “Motivation and the teenage brain” with the renowned British author Jeremy Harmer took place at Montoya Institute, Posadas.   The event gave participants the possibility of working hand in hand with Jeremy, getting to know more about how  the teenage brain works and how important motivation in the classroom is. We had a wonderful time sharing teaching experiences, doing different kinds of classroom activities and learning more about the “Practice of the English Language Teaching”.

Motivation and the teenage brain – Face to face session with Jeremy Harmer
This event was co-organized by Pearson Education, Instituto de Políticas Lingüísticas and APIM
Advanced students and teachers from Misiones, Chaco, Corrientes and Paraguay attended both “Motivation and the Teenage Brain” and “Boosting Students’ Self-development”

Boosting Students’ Self-development – by Alastair Grant

October 17. We hosted Mr Alastair Grant, who provided us with a wonderful set of motivating ideas to be used in the classroom. He focused on the topic of learner autonomy and discussed speaking activities to help our students develop this skill. His seminar, “Boosting students’ self-development” took place at Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales in Posadas.

APIM members and non-member teachers also had the chance to share a private dinner with the speaker the night before the event, being this a great chance to interact informally with Mr Grant exchanging views both on educational and general matters in a friendly and relaxed environment.


Social Events

Teacher’s Day Celebration


In September we celebrated our big day, Teacher’s Day! APIM members and non-members from all over the province gathered together for a toast on our profession. Time to celebrate the joys of being a teacher and the people we’ve met on our professional path.

And, of course, lots of present from publishers and companies that understand what it means to be a teacher!

End of Year Celebration

And after a very busy year…we couldn’t miss the opportunity of gathering one more time! On December 19th we had an end of year lunch to celebrate what we’d achieved all along 2015.


More Actions

Membership Certificate to New Teachers

In 2015 we had the honour of welcoming three newly graduated teachers to our association. They are the teachers who obtained the highest grades among students from the three Teacher Training Colleges  in Misiones. APIM decided to prize them with a special Certificate of Membership and a bonus for the 2015 fee.

All the best to Karin Estefanía Kunkel (ISARM, Posadas), Priscila Noemí Kondratiuk (Instituto Linneo, Oberá) and  Andrea Soledad Gómez (IPESMI, Posadas)!


FAAPI: September 2015

In September 2015 APIM was present, as in previous occasions, at the Associations’ meeting, held in Córdoba during the Annual  FAAPI Conference.

This time our representative was Licenciada Patricia Rodriguez, who holds the position of “Pro-tesorera”  in our Association.  During the meeting, a report about the 2015 activities was presented by the Federation authorities. It was also the right opportunity to reinforce  our proposal to host the 2017 FAAPI Annual Congress, which was acclaimed with enthusiasmby the rest of the participants.

Latest News

Convenio de Cooperación Interinstitucional con la Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales de la UNaM

By late 2015, thanks to the initiative of our Executive Committee member Carmen Formento, we started negotiations with Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales (UNaM) in order to sign a cooperation agreement between our two institutions. On February 25th Gisela Spasiuk, Dean of FCHyS, and Ivanna Quinton Piegas, APIM  President, signed a Convenio de Cooperación Interinstitucional. The main purpose of this agreement is to find new ways to satisfy the needs and demands related to teacher professional development.


Forthcoming Events

Reading the World… in English – by Claudia Ferradas

Cambridge Exams: What makes a good exam: Writing and Speaking – by Mónica Marenzi

For this seminar we had two tickets to let. We asked our members who wanted to take part in the raffle to send us an e-mail with their personal info and our motto “Proud to belong!” in the Subject line.

The winners were Marina Dellacroce and Cristina Mayol. Good for them!



The TT formula that makes learning become different – by Jennifer Verschoor

Two workshops by Jennifer for all those who want to keep up with the latest trends in ICT applied to teaching and the classroom context.

On Friday 16th April, she will be delivering the first seminar, ICT in Action. The following day, we will be hearing a lot about Using Technology to Inspire Creativity.

For more information and payment options, visit:




Annual General Meeting

Estimados Socios:

El 9 de abril próximo tendrá lugar nuestra ASAMBLEA GENERAL ORDINARIA. La misma se llevará a cabo a partir de las 9.00 hs, cuando daremos inicio a la jornada de expresión soberana de nuestros derechos y deberes como asociados con un desayuno de trabajo para luego proceder a tratar el Orden del Día según la Convocatoria oficial. La cita es en La Rioja 1839-PB, Posadas, Misiones.

Recordemos que esta es la oportunidad por excelencia que tenemos de participar activamente en la reconformación del equipo de trabajo de la Comisión Directiva de APIM. Apostamos por los vientos de cambio y la energía renovada que puedan traernos nuestros socios para continuar con el objetivo primero de APIM: el trabajo en conjunto en pos del crecimiento de nuestra profesión y de nuestros profesionales.

Esperamos contar con vuestra valiosa presencia.



Becoming an APIM member

If you are willing to become an APIM member, just fill in the membership form, hand in or e-mail us a copy of your teaching degree certificate and your ID card and pay the annual membership fee.

In Posadas, you may register as a member at RUSH Institute from 11 a.m. to 12.30 p.m., La Rioja & Felix de Azara.

Rest of the province or other provinces: send us your membership form, a copy of your teaching degree certificate, your ID card and deposit slip to our official e-mail.

To require the form and our bank information write to mail.apim@gmail.com

Very important!

You only become an officially active APIM member once all the steps above have been completed.



Special thanks to…

  • Silvia Venanzi, from ISARM, Posadas.
  • María Martha Espíndola, Vicky Pritz Nilson and Andrés Villalba from IPL.
  • Barbara Fernandez for her photographer role at every event, as well as the flowers and table linen, etc she kindly lends APIM on those occasions.
  • Evelyn Schieve for representing APIM at Instituto Linneo`s Diploma Award Ceremony in 2015 and for being a solid referent of our Association in Oberá, Misiones.
  • All those members who, in a way or another, help us make APIM a great association.