Newsletter 2012

Dear colleagues and associates,

Here is a brief report of what has been done by this Executive Committee since our last newsletter some months ago.

  • The Executive Committee started gathering in early March 2012 so as to organize the upcoming event at Instituto Montoya on June 29th /30th and have documents ready for the Annual Assembly.
  • The Assembly was held on May 5th. You will find the new Execituve Committee’s members’ names and position at the bottom of the newsletter.
  • APIM was summoned to a meeting with Mr. Molina, now in charge of the recently created “Instituto de Políticas Lingüísticas”. The aim of the meeting was to inform him about current issues in connection with our profession. Mr. Molina introduced the Instituto de Políticas Lingüísticas and its objectives. Offering us an opportunity to contribute and participate in their future actions. At the same time we introduced our Association and presented him with our demands and worries as regards unfair appointments of teachers.
  • Silvia Venanzi, APIM’s vice-president, represented our Association at FAAPI’s Annual Assembly held in Córdoba. A report on our actions was taken as well as APIM’s vote in favor of Dr. Daniel Fernández (sadly deceased now) re-election as President of the Federation.
  • Our dues with the Federation were paid which means that APIM’s member will get the corresponding discount, provided thay have paid the 2012 membership fee, when enrolling to FAAPI’S 2012 ANNUAL CONGRESS in San Martín de los Andes.
  • We are glad to inform you that APIM contacted Maestranda Jennifer Verschoor who will be delivering a hands-on workshop on the topic of ICT on Saturday, June 30th at the “Jornadas de Actualización Teórico Metodológicas” held annually at the Instituto Montoya.
  • We were asked to support the First Regional Meeting of ESP teachers which will be held in Posadas on 18th, 19th, 20th Also, we were asked to appoint a representative to be part of the Academic Committee on behalf of APIM. Dr.Gladys Gonzáles Carreras (from Oberá) was the chosen one.
  • Recognition of FAAPI’s Congress as being of educational interest was obtained from the Ministry of Education. In this way we contributed to widespread and enhace the importance of the Congress. An invaluable opportunity for every teacher´s personal and professional development.

Well, this is all our news so far.




As promised, here is the recently elected Committee

Presidente: Martha Susana Godoy

Vice-Presidente: Silvia Marái Eugenia Venanzi

Secretaria: Silvia Andrea Ulfsjöö

Pro-Secretaria: Carmen Noemí Irrazábal

Tesorera: María Azucena Corrales

Pro-Tesorera: Silvina Evelyn Guimaraez Doubnia

Vocal 1°: Gabriela Murphy

Vocal 1° Suplente: Paola Andrea Soledad Almeida

Vocal 2°: Silvina Karen Colella

Vocal 2° Suplente: Marina Dellacroce

Revisor de Cuentas: María Fabiana Picasso

Revisor de Cuentas Suplente: Susana Santoro